Arik Air adjusts Schedule to cope with Aircraft maintenance

Arik Air, Nigeria’s leading airline has carried out adjustment on its scheduled operations to cope with the exigencies of its aircraft that are on mandatory maintenance. The airline’s fleet has witnessed a reduction in number in the last two weeks due to the fact that some aircraft have been flown overseas to Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) in Europe. Continue reading

Aviation: Nigerian Airports Record 41,745 Flight Delays

By Chinedu Eze

Nigerian airports recorded 36,350 domestic and 5,395 international flight delays in 2018. This was disclosed by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in its executive summary published on its website. The records showed that two leading domestic airlines – Air Peace and Arik Air – topped the list of domestic flight delay. Continue reading

Nigeria’s Policy On Aviation Killing Airlines – Dana COO

Mr. Obi Mbanuzuo, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Dana Air is one of the knowledgeable Chief Executive Officer (CEOs) in the Nigerian aviation industry, having spent all his life as aviation practitioner. In this interview with OLUSEGUN KOIKI, he talks about the controversial wet-lease agreement with Asky Air, Nigeria aviation policies and the charges imposed on the airlines by the agencies, among others. Excerpts: Continue reading

Nigerian Airports Record 41,745 Flight Delays

Nigerian airports recorded 36,350 domestic and 5,395 international flight delays in 2018. This was disclosed by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in its executive summary published on its website. The records showed that two leading domestic airlines – Air Peace and Arik Air – topped the list of domestic flight delay. Continue reading

Rwanda’s First Female Pilot Takes To The Skies At 24

Esther Mbabazi trained to fly Rwandair regional jets despite her father being killed in a plane crash when she was eight.Rwanda’s first female pilot, Esther Mbabazi, 24, said ‘being a pilot really was my childhood dream’. Photograph: Sean Jones

for the Guardian Esther Mbabazi was eight years old when her father was killed in a crash as the plane he was flying in overshot the runway landing in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Continue reading

NCAA New DG Designate

NCAA New DG Designate

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday forwarded the name of Captain Folayele Akinkuotu to the Senate for confirmation as the Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). This is in line with the provisions of Section 8 (3) (a) and (c) of the Civil Aviation Act of 2006.

Akinkuotu’s nomination followed the sack of former NCAA boss, Harold Demuren, on Tuesday by the Federal Government.


The President in a letter to the Senate President said the sack of Demuren and appointment of Akinkuotu was in line with concerns expressed by aviation stakeholders on perceived poor internal audit and quality assurance in the NCAA.

He said the Federal Government is in the process of restructuring the Authority for better and more efficient service delivery.

“Consequently, Dr. Harold Olusegun Demuren has been relieved of his appointment, as the Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority in line with the provisions of Section 8 (30 (a) and (c) of the Civil Aviation Act of 2006.

“In line with Section 8 (1) of the Civil Aviation Act of 2006, I hereby, present the nomination of Captain Fola C. Akinkuotu, from the same geo-political zone as Dr. Demuren, as the Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority for the confirmation of the Senate.”

The President then expressed the hope that Senate will consider and confirm the nominee in its usual expeditious manner.

Also on Thursday, the President forwarded a Bill for an Act to Establish the Nigeria Police Academy (Establishment, etc) Bill, 2013 to the Senate and expressed the hope that it will receive the usual prompt attention of the Senators.

Aviation sources confided in Daily Independent on Thursday that besides Akinkuotu, two others are also being considered for top appointment at the NCAA.

They are Dele Sasogbon and Benedict Oluwole Adeyileka.

While Sasogbon is scheduled to come on board as Director, General Aviation, Adeyileka has been pencilled down as the new Director of Airworthiness Standards (DAWS).

Sasogbon is presently the Special Assistant (Technical) to the Minister of Aviation.

Adeyileka is a Technical Director at Aero Contractors Airline.

Daily Independent learnt that the Federal Government, like Jonathan told Senate in the case of Akinkuotu, decided to make all the appointments from the South West region to correct the erroneous impression that the dismissal of Demuren had ethnic colouration.

It was equally gathered that Demuren would not have lost his job on Tuesday, but for the alleged intervention of former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu.

“The Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, had always maintained her stand that Demuren cannot be sacked based on the Dana crash of June 3, 2012. She even threatened at a time that she would quit her job should anything happen to Demuren. The Minister has a lot of respect for Demuren.

“But to her (Oduah) surprise, Demuren took his case to Tinubu for intervention. The former Lagos State Governor through an emissary pleaded with President (Jonathan) that Demuren is the last Yoruba man standing in the aviation industry and that he should be spared.

“Tinubu based his intervention on a letter sent to all heads of aviation parastatals to indicate when they would observe their annual vacation.

“Demuren was to proceed on vacation today (March 15, 2013). Perhaps, that letter was perceived as a prelude to his exit from the NCAA.

“When the President called the Minister to inform her of Tinubu’s intervention, she (Oduah) got angry and told the President to take his appropriate decision on Demuren. That was how he was sacked,” our source said on Thursday.

Akinkuotu, a veteran of the aviation industry who still maintains current Airline Transport Pilot Licence, started his aviation career early in life, immediately after A’ Levels. He qualified as an Aircraft Engineer in 1972 when he joined the defunct Nigeria Airways. As an engineer he practiced for five years before becoming a Duty Engineer in the Presidential Fleet.

Furthermore, in 1978 he proceeded to the United States of America where he trained and qualified as a Commercial Pilot and Flight Engineer. The high point of his career came in 1998, when he was captain under whose command Pope John Paul II was flown during his pastoral visit to Nigeria.

Adeyileka is a seasoned aviation professional with over three decades of real world experience in various aircraft engineering disciplines, including aircraft maintenance engineering disciplines, mechanical, avionics, and quality systems technical services.

He is a product of Leeds Metropolitan University and Napier University, both in England and Scotland respectively. He also holds a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Licence with various type ratings.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the robbery attack at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, that left two policemen and one armed robber dead on Wednesday night, Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), George Uriesi, has directed operators of Bureau-de-Change at the MMIA car park to leave immediately.

FAAN confirmed that the two policemen that were killed by the armed robbers were the ones who escorted their boss to the airport and not policemen from the Air Police Command.

It was also confirmed that one of the suspected robbers was killed during the shootout with security agents at the airport. According to General Manager, Corporate Communications, Yakubu Dati, the robbery incident happened at the FAAN controlled car park.

He said the robbers gained access to the park through a small gate linking the stakeholders’ car park with the main one. He added that the incident did not happen at the MMIA terminal building contrary to media report, adding that activities of the Bureau-de-Change operators (black market operators) attracted the armed robbers to the car park.



Kano trains 100 pilots in Jordan

Kano trains 100 pilots in Jordan

Culled from National Mirror

The Kano State Government is to spend about N1.7 billion in the training of 100 graduates as pilots in Jordan. Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano State announced the plan at a send-off party for the trainees. The governor maintained that the state would spend more than N10.7 million on each student.


He said the gesture was part of the government’s determination to empower the people and make them self-reliant. The governor urged the beneficiaries to be good ambassadors of their families, the state and the country.


“To whom much is given, much is expected. The state government has spent a lot on you and you should give the best back.

Do not use the opportunity to afterwards to steal from government and deprive the people of their rights,’’ he told the trainees.

In his address, former Presidential Adviser on Aviation, Capt. Shehu Iyal, urged the beneficiaries to use the training as a way of improving the aviation sector of the country.

He said it was a rare opportunity for the beneficiaries to improve their status and expose the potential of the state A representative of the parents of the beneficiaries, Hajiya Hauwa Mohammed, commended Kwankwaso for the gesture and prayed God to continue to guide and protect him. The students will spend 18 months at the Mideast Aviation Academy in Jordan.

Oduah and aviation industry appointments

Oduah And Aviation Industry Appointments

WHEN  the people of the South west allege that they were marginalised by the appointment of the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah I get amused. And when I hear that the appointment she made was dominated by people from the South east I get bewildered.

If you check it you will discover that Oduah’s appointments were the most balanced in the industry since 1999 because it gave full representation to every part of the country. But I know why the South west is surprisingly crying marginalisation.


In the past, they used to dominate every appointment made in the industry. And even now, if you get the list of all the workers in all the aviation parastatals, you will find out that they have the highest number of appointments.

They are alleging ethnic cleansing because other parts of the country have been given opportunity.

What I have come to know about Nigeria is that when you enjoy an unjustifiable advantage, you would want it to continue and when there is any effort to address the injustice, those benefitting begin to shout because they see it as a right to cheat others.

For example, I was privileged to access some documents in the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria when Richard Aisuebeogun was the Managing Director of the Authority.

These documents revealed that the former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani Kayode employed about 30 persons in FAAN. 16 of them were made assistant general managers, deputy general managers and general managers, while the rest were absorbed in other ranks.

These people did not have any aviation experience before they were employed. In fact, most of them came from local government councils and others were just hangers-on. These 30 people came from Osun and Ogun states. When many of them were examined medically prior to their employment, they failed medical tests; yet they were still absorbed. Many of them are still there till date.

That is the way he deployed about the same number of people to the other aviation agencies. Now, I cannot recall any group from other parts of Nigeria that cried about ethnic cleansing then. I cannot recall the unions raising hell about it. I also know that there were efforts to reduce staff in FAAN at the time because of over bloated manpower, as the Authority lacked technical personnel but had very high number of administrative personnel because unprofessional persons were dumped on the Authority.

I remember that all the efforts made to reduce that number failed because some powerful people were contacted to frustrate the move. And so the agency lives with that burden till today. The question is why were there no outcry about marginalisation and ethnic cleansing then?

To me, it was because the people who over the years have seen it as a right to dominate other people made the appointments. They did not even consider federal character; they did not even consider getting few people from other parts of the country; yet there was no deafening outcry. Today, Princess Oduah employed Nigerians into the parastastals, taking cognizance of the federal character and some people are crying wolf.

I stand to be contradicted, but I am sure that most of those who are crying ethnic cleansing and marginalisation have not seen the actual number of people employed and where they came from. Somebody just raised an allegation and it automatically transmuts to a fact; nobody cares to verify because the objective is to run some people down.

Some people, especially some journalists who are campaigning against the appointment had argued that two wrongs do not make a right; that because somebody did it in the past does not mean that somebody should do now. I wish this argument and logic started at least six years ago. That is why I said I am amused when I read this in the papers.

I think the earlier we realised that every Nigerian has a stake in this country and has equal opportunity in this country the better our chances of sustaining the future of our dear nation. Those who think they will continue to lord it over others should think again and realise that Nigeria was not created for them alone; it was created for all Nigerians.

Campaign of calumny can never submerge the truth; it can only heat up the political system and facts always stand out at the end of the day. And it is even surprising that the people of the South west are the ones crying ethnic cleansing and marginalisation.

I remember some years back when they mocked a region well known for the word, marginalisation and accused them of whipping up ethnic sentiments. Isn’t it surprising that the words ethnic cleansing and marginalisation are not, after all, a monopoly of some ethnic groups.

Mr. BITRUS OGBA, a former GM Adm with FAAN, wrote from Jos.