ATA’s 38th Annual World Congress

May 29 to June 2, 2013, Southwest Cameroon

ATA’s signature event in Africa provides a networking, learning and agenda-shaping platform for 300-500 travel professionals from around the world. The event addresses timely industry topics and offers professional development opportunities. Delegates also participate in roundtables for tourism ministers, an African Bazaar for buyers and sellers, networking events, host country day(s), gala dinners and pre- and post- country tours.




Calabar-articleChris Agibe, Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, Carnival Calabar is a seasoned manager whose wealth of experience has seen his band, Passion Four on the winning edge. Now at the helms of affairs at the Carnival House, he tells Funke Olaode of Thisday Newspaper his vision and mission.

 Chris Agibe can be described as a square peg in a square hole having been part and parcel of the Carnival Calabar from the inception. Though started in 2000 under the visionary leader of ex-governor of Cross River State, Donal Duke. The Carnival parade today, is a direct result of progression of ideas and gradual awareness that came with it. Apart  from economic empowerment it brings to the state, Carnival Calabar has been a Mecca of sort for thousands who throng Cross River to catch a glimpse of 32 Days of non-stop excitement.

 Welcoming THISDAY into his office, Agibe caught the image of a self assured man who knows his onions. He became the executive secretary of the commission on October 2012. And prior to the, he has been the band leader of Passion Four, which according to is a band everyone wants to emulate because of its orderliness and solid structure.